Long Island City based photographer with events background as a producer.

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Ted Ou-Yang

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I’ve spent many years working in events as a producer in New York City, it is that experience that leads to my custom-per-project approach and ethics in my photography work.

Portraits are the most fun because the most uniquely challenging element is the person – it’s not normal or comfortable with a huge camera lens barreling down your face. Getting the person to be comfortable and expressing freely in front of the camera is what I love doing.

Photographs are expressions. Sometimes it’s expressed by the subject(s), sometimes it’s manipulated to extract expressions felt in the moment. Photographs are artful. A puzzle. They are a little bigger than life, a little imperfect.

I started photography because I wanted to learn to capture expressions. With fundamentals in a dark room then moving into digital, I found my style 75,000+ shutter clicks and 10,000+ hrs of retouching and post-production later: amplify the vision, have a lot of fun.

Have an idea or need simply a headshot? Reach out to me and let’s have some fun getting and expressing what you need. I’m based in Long Island City.

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